Wowhaus Interview

photo by Jenny Elia Pfeiffer for the December ’09 issue of San Francisco Magazine I’m already fielding inquiries for dining tables after the publication of an interview with Ene and me in the December issue of San Francisco Magazine, written by Joanne Furio. The interview is called ‘We Gather Together’ and it unpacks our approach […]

Kohler Arts Dispatch

To help research content for our project as artists in residence at Kohler Arts Center, one of the students at Etude School in Sheboygan has created a website to document and archive all things related to the culture of non-motorized transportation in the region. Working collaboratively under the direction of wowhaus, a team of high […]

The Kohler Legacy

Introduction page from a 1930 Kohler catalog Between innings of last night’s final game of the World Series, I was telling my friend Richard Ernst about my upcoming trip to Wisconsin at the invitation of the Kohler Art Center (more info here). Before the game resumed, Richard had fetched a hard bound catalog of Kohler […]

Revive the WPA?

display of WPA-initiated crafts (public domain image) What became of the Obama meme-machine? How could the campaign that so vigorously appropriated the viral marketing strategies of such mainstays of youth culture as social networking and graffiti graphics get it so wrong when selling actual policy? Where’s the poetry? “Public option“..!? “Single payer“..!? How about starting […]

Giant Fish Sculptures Commence

‘feeder fish’, like these anchovies abound this time of year (public domain image) I’ve begun making the scale models for our giant, mosaic fish sculptures that will live permanently outside the new building for the Ocean View branch of the San Francisco Public Library. Funded by the San Francisco Arts Commission, the project is the […]

Watershed Morphology Workshop

representations of water from across time and cultures How do we indicate water, let alone its increasing significance in maintaining the fabric of a healthy urban watershed? As we prepare a final design for the City of Oakland’s system of Watershed Markers, Ene and I will spend the weekend at farmer’s markets and major pedestrian […]

ASR Dispatch: Sustainability the New Cool?

Young skateboarders showing off their tricks on the floor of the ASR trade show The buzz in the ASR seminar rooms hints that skateboarding is suffering from no longer being as cool as it was a few years ago. Its hipness seems to have peaked when skater shoes crossed-over and saturated the mainstream market. Also, […]