Fluke Patina

whaletail patina2

Aiya created a beautiful patina for our Fluke sculpture at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry

Ene and I met with Aiya at Berkeley’s Artworks Foundry to inspect the patina she’s been layering up on our Fluke sculpture before it’s sealed and delivered to Santa Cruz for installation. While the patina will be maintained by the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center where Fluke is to be sited, the combination of a marine climate and frequent, physical interaction with the public will eventually create its own patina. We directed Aiya to anticipate this in the way she layered her colors and burnished the high spots that will receive the most wear by touch, and we’re all extremely proud of the results. ????????? ??? ????

whaletail patina7

whaletail patina8

whaletail patina1

whaletail patina6

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