California Classical

A few years ago I designed a pedestal to be used as either a table base or, when scaled down, to support a bench. I wanted to evoke the grace and solidity of classical Greek architecture, but based my contours and proportions on the native oak and acorn instead of the acanthus of the classical […]


We’re making our first batch of nocino this year with walnuts from our own trees. Our friend Donald Fortescue harvested the green nuts when he was up for a visit in early July. We washed the nuts, quartered them and set them to soak in grain alcohol and sugar, stirring them every day or so […]

Luxury of the Essential

The L. L. Bean catalog was one of my favorite things to read as a kid growing up in sixties and seventies suburbia. The autumn issue was always the best. Before L. L. Bean became synonymous with blandly practical conservatism, the catalog was filled with specialized tools for specialized activities like fly-fishing, snow shoeing and […]

Hard and Soft Influences

Seen as ‘skill in execution’, craft plays a role in shaping all spheres of influence. Deep Craft is this acknowledgment. I would love to build an archive of examples of Deep Craft within each of the tiers of government, business, design and art. In government, the Constitution comes to mind; in business, Google floats to […]