What Makes a Good Day?

I saw this Purple Shore Crab yesterday (Hemigrapsus nudus) while I was Having A Good Day. Our projects overwhelm at times and it can be challenging to keep the perspective on their origins and intentions, the contour of individual days lost in a whir of activity. The conceptual underpinnings of my work and collaborations with […]

Berry’s Sawmill

Part of my ongoing experiment here is to develop high quality, low cost furniture from local materials for a local market.  I recently paid a visit to Berry’s Sawmill near Cazadero to check out their operation and inventory and was delighted to find an authentic, family-run mill cutting sustainable yield redwood and Douglas fir from […]

White Oak Windfall

looking toward the mouth of Tomales Bay We’re enjoying a spectacular fall in West County with warm, dazzling days and  crisp, clear nights. The apples have been harvested and my thoughts have turned to loading summer-cured firewood into the shed before the rains and organizing my piles of timber for winter production in the shop. […]

Field Glasses

Site Specific projects  require careful planning on and off site. When building a treehouse and managing a crew over a sequence of days, small comforts and simple luxuries always help to maintain a convivial atmosphere and improve productivity, especially when the weather is not cooperating. While building treehouses over the years I have developed a […]

Ted Boerner

Ted at our recent ‘Glazing Bee’ on the wowhaus compound I recently spent a lively evening in San Francisco with my good friend Ted Boerner. Ted is an influential taste-maker in furniture and interior design, as well as a devoted fan of Deep Craft. We’ve had an ongoing conversation for years about many things, including […]