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Procedural Style: Parametric Emergence, Part 1

Wowhaus grew out of our ongoing conversations, beginning when we met in 1988

Ene and I never thought of Wowhaus as a style. We always framed it more as a way of life. But over the years as we’ve realized such a broad range of projects in such wide-ranging media and locales, a kind of style is beginning to emerge. Continue Reading »

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Deep Craft video

I’m proud to post the final episode of Kirsten Dirksen’s three part documentary she filmed in one day this past winter when she was visiting from Barcelona, home base for her company, faircompanies.com. This is my favorite one and I think it does a wonderful job of presenting the core of my Deep Craft philosophy. I especially appreciate her featuring my Deep Deck so prominently, which I’m poised to launch this summer at Storefront Lab in San Francisco through a three week pop-up store project I’m calling Deep Craft Atelier (more about this soon).

To watch the video on Kirsten’s site, read her commentary and link to her other video productions featuring “community and access to tools on sustainable culture”, please click here.

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Deepcraft Book Development

meeting at ole's1

Ene and I met with Victoria Heifner, on right, founder of Milkfed Press

It’s coming up on three years since I started keeping this weblog and I’ve been seriously considering compiling the best of my entries into a book. The narrative has taken many twists and turns, but some consistent patterns have emerged that I think will be most clearly communicated in traditional book form. In keeping with the Deepcraft ethos I plan to collaborate with Milkfed Press to design and produce a limited edition of hand bound, archival quality books, perhaps leading to an annually published series. It’s kind of thrilling to think of gathering material I’ve produced entirely by digital means that lives only in ‘cyberspace’, and making it into a tangible object.

We kicked off the process by meeting over lunch at Ole’s Waffle Shop with our new friend Victoria Heifner, founder of Alameda-based Milkfed Press, specializing in traditional bookbinding and letterpress printing. We got along even better than I had anticipated and the conversation flowed effortlessly, leading to a strategy for designing and producing the book. The combination of Ole’s excellent coffee, homespun diner fare and energetic lunch crowd made for a productive atmosphere and we agreed to always meet there as the project takes shape. I look forward to our next luncheon meeting and plan to bring source materials to help guide the book’s look and feel. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear from anyone with ideas or suggestions, or perhaps a favorite post or two you care to share.

ole's waffle

menu cover at Ole’s Waffle Shop, Alameda, CA

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