Procedural Style: Parametric Emergence, Part 1

Wowhaus grew out of our ongoing conversations, beginning when we met in 1988 Ene and I never thought of Wowhaus as a style. We always framed it more as a way of life. But over the years as we’ve realized such a broad range of projects in such wide-ranging media and locales, a kind of […]

Deep Craft video

I’m proud to post the final episode of Kirsten Dirksen’s three part documentary she filmed in one day this past winter when she was visiting from Barcelona, home base for her company, This is my favorite one and I think it does a wonderful job of presenting the core of my Deep Craft philosophy. […]

Deepcraft Book Development

Ene and I met with Victoria Heifner, on right, founder of Milkfed Press It’s coming up on three years since I started keeping this weblog and I’ve been seriously considering compiling the best of my entries into a book. The narrative has taken many twists and turns, but some consistent patterns have emerged that I […]