Frizelle Enos Feeds

The original Frizelle Enos in downtown Sebastopol. Everybody loves Frizelle Enos, and Frizelle Enos loves us all right back. Whether you’re a rancher, apple farmer, hippy or weekender, we all need our Carhartts, straw bales, wood stoves and chicken feed, all served up with a smile at Frizelle Enos in downtown Sebastopol since 1938. Named […]

Fluke Installation

We carried the Fluke sculpture into position with a giant forklift. (photo: Crystal Birns) With a big sense of relief and the pride of accomplishment, Ene and I installed our Fluke sculpture earlier this week at the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center in Santa Cruz. Piero and his crew from Artworks Foundry delivered the […]

A Picnic Adventure

We launched our boats in a lingering morning fog. Some days just call for a picnic, and some picnics call for adventure. So went my thinking when I invited my friend Cal to join me on my favorite six mile paddle down Estero Americano to a remote beach on an unseasonably warm day in late […]

Reviving the Garden (+ a recipe)

Ene builds towers for her peas to climb. With help from friends we’ve been reviving our vegetable garden over the past few weeks. It’s been about 5 years since we built the raised beds, and with the demands of projects and travel over the past couple of years, the garden has been sorely neglected. The […]

Fluke Site Progress

The Diamond D crew builds forms for our curvaceous hardscape. (photo: D Pettigrew) Ene and I recently made two site visits to Santa Cruz to inspect form-work for the hardscape beneath our Fluke sculpture at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Exploration Center. Our bronze whale tail sculpture will sit at the edge of a […]

Destination: Boredom

Sure enough, I saw a few egret and chased a flock of bufflehead six miles to the coast when I paddled the navigable length of Estero Americano the other day, but saw no sign of coot, loon, mergenser, pelican, scaup, hawk, heron or grebe. The fact is mid-February is a relatively dormant time along the […]

Picnic at Willow Creek

Simple ingredients that pack easily and combine well make for an ideal picnic. As much as I love to cook, some of my favorite meals are simple assemblages, preferably packed as a picnic for a day of hiking or paddling. Nothing tastes better than a few simple ingredients carefully chosen to complement the season and […]