Micro-Expedition, Session 4

Willey, Jack, Luke and Sean work together to loft full scale contours During session 4 of Micro-Expedition, my Atelier class at CCA, most of the students began to loft to full scale, lifting lines from their 1/4 scale models, which they had cut into sections at structural stations. They made battens from thin strips of […]

Micro-Expedition, Session 2

I made a 1/4 scale model of the ‘surfboat’ I’ve been studying to use as inspiration for the class. The design represents a type of hull that performs well and is easy to build, requiring no ‘building jig’. The frame for the boat is built off of the main ‘deck batten’, laid upside down on […]

Micro-Expedition, Session 1

I will be simultaneously publishing new content on my Micro-Expedition course on my new CCA weblog, which you can follow by clicking here. I’m excited to be teaching the Atelier Studio for CCA’s Furniture Program this semester. Russell Baldon invited me to be this year’s Wornick Visiting Professor, and I’ve designed a course I’m calling […]

Fairy Godmother of Surf

Donald Fortescue is my Fairy Godmother of Surf Over Labor Day weekend our good pals Sandra Kelch and Donald Fortescue stayed at our new wowhaus retreat. Sandra has been working over the summer with Ene and our friend Kathleen Monroe on renovating the interior, and it’s been fun to share the compound with friends and […]

Chopping Wood

I need to cut and chop at least two cords of firewood a year for our primary heat. As part of my commitment to A Year in Surf, I’ve been doing something everyday to prepare myself mentally and physically. Last night after a day driving to and from a marathon of faculty meetings at CCA‘s […]

Micro Expedition

traversing Greenland, 1930 (image: public domain) I am truly honored that Russell Baldon, acting Chair of CCA’s Wood/Furniture Program, invited me to be the ‘Wornick Visiting Distinguished Professor of Wood Arts’ for Fall 2010. I’ll be teaching a studio-based ‘Atelier’ course for the semester that will give me an opportunity to share my studio and […]


the marinated fish is ready to add to the boiling broth Bouillabaisse is a fish stew whose origins date to the ancient sea routes of the Mediterranean. Though strongly associated with coastal Provence, the stew has roots in Greece and Italy, where for centuries fish has been cooked in rapidly boiling  broth combining strong wine, […]