Oakland Installation Dispatch

Ene, James and I worked long days in the heat and completed the Oakland Fusion murals by the end of Saturday, exhausted and relieved. Our biggest reward was when word spread among the train conductors to check out our project, and they would make a point of leaving the train to walk by the murals […]

Oakland Installation Dispatch

Oakland’s main tidal outwash to the Bay I’ve had less time to explore lower Oakland on bike as we bear down on the installation of Oakland Fusion, but have made a few early morning tours of the Embarcadero in search  of waterways connecting Lake Merritt and the Bay. I find that a bicycle is the […]

Oakland Installation Dispatch

This is to introduce James Crosby, a very talented sculpture student and former Skateboard Pro, who we’ve hired to help with the installation. Thanks to James’ incredible focus and good humor, we’ve been able to stay pretty much on schedule even though we lost a day and a half due to rain. By the end […]

‘Oakland Fusion’ Installation Commences

Over the next three weeks I will be installing our Oakland Fusion  project at Jack London Square in downtown Oakland, CA. The project consists of  four consecutive 10′ x 10′ lenticular murals, comprised of over 45oo hand painted tiles, mounted to a custom-manufactured, corrugated steel substrate. Each mural functions like a two-cell animation; the image […]

Bulrush of the Estuary

I’d like to make a chair whose materials all come from within walking distance of where it is made. We live in West Sonoma County, California, on the Salmon Creek watershed. Ideally, I’d like to find a market within this bio-region as well, including the surrounding watersheds of Tomales Bay and the Russian River for […]


Deep Craft is a site for articulating a deeper understanding of craft practices and products through experimental research and demonstration. Deep Craft begins as a window into my woodworking studio, much like a contemporary version of the ‘Jointer’s Journals’ of the 18th and 19th centuries. I invite you to join me as I explore the […]