NOMO Developments

We rode in the 4th of July parade to promote the NOMO concept Our first week back at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center was action packed as we laid the groundwork for the NOMO EXPO. A part of our project as artists in residence is simply to promote the ‘NOMO’ concept, a word/logo we […]

Kohler Arts Dispatch

Lake Michigan shoreline along the Kohler-Andrae State Park, south of Sheboygan The remainder of our week continued to be full of surprises as we mined Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and its environs along the shores of Lake Michigan for activity relevant to our NOMO project. As Ene and I process our research and  interactions and begin to […]

Kohler Arts Residency Dispatch

Cooper O’Connel’s hand painted decks will be featured in our NOMO Exhibition Ene and I are in Sheboygan, Wisconsin this week on the second leg of our residency with Kohler Arts. We’ve been busy developing our NOMO project, which will be a celebration of non-motorized transportation in the region, with focus on DIY skate, surf […]

The Week in Bloom

action at Mavericks portends the arrival of spring to the N. Pacific (public domain) In West Sonoma County, early signs of spring are typically in sync with the arrival of a huge south swell, epitomized by the epic surf at Mavericks, about 100 miles down the coast. With more daylight and warming temperatures over the […]

Flotsam of the Day

someone left a rose in a driftwood log I can’t think of a better way to recalibrate after an intense week of studio woodworking than a morning of beachcombing after a string of storms. I appreciate more and more living and working so close to the shore, and find daily release and inspiration being able […]

Kohler Arts Dispatch

To help research content for our project as artists in residence at Kohler Arts Center, one of the students at Etude School in Sheboygan has created a website to document and archive all things related to the culture of non-motorized transportation in the region. Working collaboratively under the direction of wowhaus, a team of high […]

Kohler Arts Dispatch

a morning commuter braves the November chill in Sheboygan, Wisconsin Sheboygan is easily one of the coolest towns I’ve experienced. The people here exude a pragmatic optimism and can-do eagerness that conjure another time, a friendlier America of the past that in many ways has never left this small city on the lake. Clearly, Sheboygan […]