An Exploratory Paddle down the Estero

Idyllic launch where Estero Americano meanders along ranches below Valley Ford Over the weekend I made an exploratory paddle down Estero Americano to the coast. The tides are in a similar phase as the dates of our planned Expedition, so I wanted to make a trial run to see what the CCA students might expect […]

October Swell

the SW swell has arrived earlier than usual at Doran, bringing steady chest high waves I’ve tried to spend a little time each day shaping my 10-6, solid wood longboard, and it’s finally beginning to look ride-able. With the early arrival of the southwest swell at Doran Beach, I’m encouraged to speed things up, fair […]

Micro-Expedition, Session 3

Jack and Willey did a float test of their matching, 1/4 scale hull models I feel lucky to have such a congenial and productive crew for my Atelier class this semester. The students presented their 1/4 scale models the morning of our third session and have clearly divided into four teams, each collaboratively pursuing a […]

Micro-Expedition, Session 2

I made a 1/4 scale model of the ‘surfboat’ I’ve been studying to use as inspiration for the class. The design represents a type of hull that performs well and is easy to build, requiring no ‘building jig’. The frame for the boat is built off of the main ‘deck batten’, laid upside down on […]

Micro-Expedition, Session 1

I will be simultaneously publishing new content on my Micro-Expedition course on my new CCA weblog, which you can follow by clicking here. I’m excited to be teaching the Atelier Studio for CCA’s Furniture Program this semester. Russell Baldon invited me to be this year’s Wornick Visiting Professor, and I’ve designed a course I’m calling […]

Scouting Doran

the southern stretch of Doran Beach, looking southeast towards Tomales Bluff Whenever I go to the beach, at least a few times a week, I habitually count the number of birds flying in formation, usually pelicans, who often fly in sets of 9 through 15. I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but am always […]