Surf Serendipity in Sayulita

surfer/shaper Andy Lambrecht takes a break in Sayulita I met surfboard maker Andy Lambrecht on our last day in Sayulita, Mexico. I noticed his handmade  wooden board by the beached fishing boats as we were packing up and getting ready to catch a bus back to Puerto Vallarta. ivermectin dose for cat ear mites Based […]

Specific Gravity

the surfboard originated in Hawaii, where local woods were shaped for specific waves I’ve body-surfed all my life and have a natural feel for wave mechanics, but I’m finally getting ready to learn to surf on a board. Being a ‘wood guy’ with access to local mills and several decent breaks within a few miles, […]

Postcard from Sayulita

Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico Spending time in Sayulita always restores my faith in humanity. For whatever combination of reasons- its remoteness through jungle along the Pacific Coast, cut-off from major roads until relatively recently; its consistently overhead, left/right break; its laid back balance of bohemian surf culture and traditional fishing village- everyone is unabashedly happy in […]

Kohler Arts Dispatch

Between meetings I strolled down from the Kohler Arts Center to the lakefront for some fresh air and was happy to find a handful of surfers negotiating the lumpy break of an offshore blow. I look forward to having the students of Ecole School investigate the surf culture of the region as part of our […]

Kohler Arts Dispatch

a morning commuter braves the November chill in Sheboygan, Wisconsin Sheboygan is easily one of the coolest towns I’ve experienced. The people here exude a pragmatic optimism and can-do eagerness that conjure another time, a friendlier America of the past that in many ways has never left this small city on the lake. Clearly, Sheboygan […]

Bull Kelp of the South Swell

The seasonal south swell has returned to Doran Beach, piling up shapely waves along with lashings of Bull Kelp. Last year I was intent upon taming the kelp for a wild-crafted, bioregional chair. My dream remains intact but this year I’m more seduced by the waves. enormous tangles of kelp accumulate along the shore after […]