Deep Deck for Shadowshop

I photographed my new Deep Deck overlooking Tomales Bay on my way to SFMOMA I delivered the first in a series of Deep Deck skateboards to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art yesterday, where they will be on display as part of Stephanie Syjoco’s Shadowshop project, opening on Novemver 20 through May 1, 2011. […]


Stephanie Syjuco’s Shadowshop project opens at SFMOMA this November My friend, the artist Stephanie Syjuco, has invited me to participate in her Shadowshop project at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, opening this November through May, 2011: “A temporary and alternative store/distribution point embedded within the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s fifth floor […]

Shaping the Olo

I use all of may favorite hand tools to shape my first surfboard. These late summer evenings I’ve been enjoying dropping into a state of loose focus as I shape my first surfboard from a slab of air-dried cottonwood. An aroma reminiscent of farm animals wafts up as my plane curls ribbons of excelsior. I […]

The Legend of Lumberjack Surfing

The following text accompanies an installation I made as part of the NOMO Exhibition we’ve designed and curated as the culmination of our residency at Kohler Arts. Over the past few weeks I’ve made fictional, yet plausible sculptural elements that support the idea that surfing has origins on the Great Lakes. I will provide more […]

Aili/Papa Longboards

our matching longboards made from vintage water skis Over the weekend my 14 year old daughter and I made matching longboard skateboards from a pair of vintage Riviera water skis we found in the barn. At about 49″ long and just under 6″ wide, the mahogany skis make wonderful, if somewhat narrow decks. We experimented […]

Flotsam of the Day

someone left a rose in a driftwood log I can’t think of a better way to recalibrate after an intense week of studio woodworking than a morning of beachcombing after a string of storms. I appreciate more and more living and working so close to the shore, and find daily release and inspiration being able […]

Old School Market Research

I’m taking a deep breath before I fly down to San Diego to dive into a couple of days of market research at the ASR (Action Sports Retailer) Conference. I will be scoping out the viability of my Deep Deck TM, an innovative, solid wood interpretation of the classic homemade, old school longboards of yore. […]