Wowhaus Convivium #1

Convivium: (ecology) A geographically isolated population of a species that shows differentiation from other populations of the same species; becomes a subspecies or ecotype. Participants: Yvonne Mouser, Adam Reineck, Jacob Mouser, Leif Hedendal, Nicole LaBue, Colby Eierman, Peter Eierman, Mimi Robinson, Aili Osteraas-Constable, Ene Osteraas-Constable, Scott Constable. Menu: focaccia with rosemary; mushroom and barley soup […]

Deep Deck for Shadowshop

I photographed my new Deep Deck overlooking Tomales Bay on my way to SFMOMA I delivered the first in a series of Deep Deck skateboards to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art yesterday, where they will be on display as part of Stephanie Syjoco’s Shadowshop project, opening on Novemver 20 through May 1, 2011. […]

Wowhaus Projects Update

‘Rockfish’, one of two monumental fish sculptures to be installed at a new library in SF Ene and I have been preparing to install two major wowhaus public art projects we’ve had in development over the past year. ‘Abundance‘, which consists of two monumental, ceramic tile mosaic sculptures honoring the significance of ‘feeder fish’ to […]


Stephanie Syjuco’s Shadowshop project opens at SFMOMA this November My friend, the artist Stephanie Syjuco, has invited me to participate in her Shadowshop project at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, opening this November through May, 2011: “A temporary and alternative store/distribution point embedded within the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s fifth floor […]

A Year in Surf, Preamble

Whether you consider it precaution or precognition, sometimes it makes sense to change things up just when they appear to be running smoothly. I feel very fortunate that my hard work over the years has earned me the luxury of making a living doing pretty much exactly what I want to do, some of which […]

The Legend of Lumberjack Surfing

The following text accompanies an installation I made as part of the NOMO Exhibition we’ve designed and curated as the culmination of our residency at Kohler Arts. Over the past few weeks I’ve made fictional, yet plausible sculptural elements that support the idea that surfing has origins on the Great Lakes. I will provide more […]

Bike Bling

I made these lightweight panniers from salvaged materials for my Dahon folding bike After our cross-country trek and a long overdue visit with family on the East Coast, Ene and I arrived in Sheboygan late last week for the final three weeks of our residency at Kohler Arts. We’ve settled into the guest cottage at […]